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Complete Training

Complete training is training the dog to meet your lifestyle. This course is generally 6-8 weeks of training. During your dog's stay, your dog will learn all things off leash! You will no longer have to worry about your dog not listening when you go to the park. You will be able to take your dog places off leash. All commands will be done the first time you say them, down stays will be extended. House etiquette is a must. Your dog will be the perfect family dog, not jumping on guests as they walk in the door. Your dog will sit politely on his "place" or climb command. We can handle any issues, including but not limited to, dog aggression, people aggression, handler aggression, competition training, puppy imprinting and more.

This is the most intense course you will find. All things we teach your dog are catered to your lifestyle and goals for your dog.

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