“Ashley is the ABSOLUTE BEST! She and a friend the referred me to her both recommended that I do the 2 week board and train program. Why? because it is easiest and the dog comes back to me with manners and new behaviors!”

Susan Powell

“Have never met or have known any other person or trainer such as Ashley whom has such a great understanding of animal behavior as she does, and to that and her love of what she does is what makes her such a great trainer. Very personable and caring of others needs with their animal friendsthat will allow her to create the perfect plan needed for you and your 4 legged friend.”

Andy Pugh

“Black Jack K9 is a top quality training facility. Ashley was excellent with our dog Mousse. He is by far the best dog we’ve ever owned and we attribute a lot of that to the training he received from Ashley and her team of trainers. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Sara Schrock-Dietz

“Ashley is an incredible dog trainer, her ability to think outside the box to problem solve even at the highest levels of training is remarkable. Ashley can read a dog and caters the training to the individual in front of her, I highly recommend her to dog handlers at any level of training.”

Catharine Wilzbacher

“We took our 3 year old black lab “Moses” to Ashley -when he got there he was hyper, anxious, disobedient and destructive. After 4 weeks he is a dream dog!! Heeling, obeying, calm, healthier ( he lost his extra weight) listening and a joy to be around- we are so thrilled to have this new dog as a part of our family! I cannot say enough great things about Ashley and her methods!!”

Heather Godfrey

“Can’t say enough great things about Ashley O’Byrne!!!! I took my Labrador Retriever to her to learn all about the sport of French Ring and to build on our basic foundation skills. Her methods and clear communication took us to the next level! I couldn’t have picked a better trainer!”

Catherine Smith

“Ashley is a top notch trainer and coach! You will find none better!”

Traci Williams

“Ashley is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with. She is intuitive, creative, and her ability to read and understand a dog is unparalleled. She is clever and imaginative when confronted with challenging obstacles, and has a knack for problem solving and thinking outside the box. No matter what issues you are facing, or what aspirations you may have, she can help you get there; look no further.”

Ashley Mulchrone

“Ashley is amazing! We were struggling with our service dogs focusing, and healing properly. Mistakes that could have ruined all our hard work were made by a previous trainer! Ashley to the rescue, she had one of our girls healing properly in no time! And showed us how to correct the problem! Ashley is a miracle worker and we hope to learn more and take her class in the future!”

Barrett T Leary

“Ashley is a fantastic trainer and definitely knows her stuff! My dog Spartacus took to his tracking training and bite work like a dream because of her guidance.”

Dexter Miksch

“Ashley totally transformed our “most stubborn dog ever “ . We sent our 7 month old standard poodle to her for 2 weeks (after a failed attempt by another trainer) and he is doing so well that people think he is a service dog . Ashley took him everywhere and exposed him to so much . He no longer jumps on us or our kids, no more biting or running away from us, no more chewing our shoes or the kids toys. I highly recommend Ashley !”

Tracey Schmitz

“Highly recommend sending your dog to Ashley. Communication was awesome the whole time, the progress she made with my 8 month old Shepard is absolutely amazing. The training session you have with her when you pick up your dog is very hands on and informative. Overall just a awesome dog lover and trainer!”

Matthew James

“5 stars!! We had a great experience with Ashley and would recommend her to others. Thank you for the pictures and constant updates while our baby was in your care!!”

Dave Schroeder

“Ashley and team are Amazing! Our Ammo – 11mo Belgium Malinois had very high reactivity with everyone but us (my husband and two teenage kids). It was getting way out of hand. Not only did she correct this during his 4wk board and train – but was able to turn over the reigns to us in 1 one family session with her .. Made it Simple, Effective and Life changing to our family. Beyond pleased with Ammos progress on many other levels too..including obedience, off leash skills and confidence! Love how happy Ammo is and all the new things we can further enjoy!”

Carrie Boskelly Okninski

“The bottom line is that Ashley is by far one of the most talented dog trainers in the USA. Her understanding and training dogs for Ring Sports says a lot about her abilities. Let Ashley help you with your dog and you’ll never regret it. The results prove it.”

Michael S. Wade

“Ashley is the best dog trainer in the Chicagoland area! After diligently looking for dog trainers specializing in Malinois I found it very hard to find a trainer who could help. Most places I spoke with prior to finding Black Jack K9, didn’t sound very confident in doing what I requested/ needed. My dog, Jaxon, was anxious around new people and other dogs after being attacked by an off leash pup. Now he is neutral and I can go anywhere without having a leash on him. He listens to everything I command of him without hesitation!! Literally changed my life and his! Thanks Ashely and Morgan! Cheers 🍻”

Jamie Wright

“My husband is a police dog handler. Ashley has helped gain and maintain amazing control of his k9. Ashley has helped trouble shoot problems and helped to create an amazing k9 team. We can’t say enough. Amazing work!”

Jessie Brown

“Morgan/Ashely are amazing – I call them Dog whisperers. In 2 weeks they did an amazing job with my 5month old golden doodle puppy. They not only established a strong foundation for her but also made sure we were prepared to bring our pup home and continue the work that they had started. They communicate really well – keep you posted – and are very responsive. We also laid out several scenarios for them to help us with and she came home ready to deal with everything. Well worth the time and money!”

Mo Manchanda